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How We Select Products

Craftd is here to promote local, quality craftmanship - we see ourselves as a curated marketplace. We think that the relationship between maker and customer is really important and for that reason we have a minimum quality threshold (similar to Airbnb).

Whenever possible we will be open armed to creatives wanting to sell through our site. If you receive an invitation from us you know that we already think you'll be a great fit, but for those that approach us directly we have a short review process to see if your work would sit well alongside our other products. Ultimately we are trying to aid the discovery of local quality craft, and for that reason an element of selectivity will ensure that we can promote artisans who are focused on providing high level products.

We try to keep our process as independent as possible given its subjective nature, and we have a team who provide us with feedback to help us make the right decision. If you are not initially successful, please don't think that is the end of the journey. We would love to hear from you again as your work evolves and our journey continues, and we can certainly provide feedback on what we think would help if you like us to. 

This is an incredibly hard balance to get right, and one of the decisions that we've found hardest to resolve, but we owe it to our community to maintain a quality threshold whilst simultaneously working to be as supportive as possible of the local grassroots movement in every way that we can.